Our Philosophy

To inspire the human spirit and create happiness

Our Values

To inspire the human spirit and create happiness


We select only premium quality tea leaves and ingredients to create satisfaction that goes beyond expec­tations. We value the entire process of tea production, from cultivation to the selection of tea leaves, drying, fermentation, and purification.


Our tea masters produce exceptional products with a commitment to the highest level of craftsmanship. We follow precise recipes and standards to ensure consistency at all our stores.


At our stores, we greet everyone warmly and sincerely to create happiness not only in every cup, but in every heart. We treat our customers and team members with integrity and dignity.


We have an inclusive vision to positively influence the people and communities around us and create a culture of warmth.


We aspire to inspire and make the ordinary extraordinary. We continue to stand at the forefront of trends and to challenge norms with innovation and creativity

Positively Impacting the World